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Why Oxy Helicopters?

The Oxy Helicopter project is a natural evolution for Lynx Helicopters. Experience gained over many years of producing high quality upgrades has placed us in a unique position to enter the helicopter market. Our upgrades have been passionately developed by a core team of engineers and designers, delivering several breakthrough products which improved performance, reliability and maintenance costs of many helicopters. We see the market for small helicopters growing. Flybarless systems have allowed flight characteristics to mimic much larger models, and small brushless motors really pump out the power!

It is relatively easy to produce a new helicopter. But much more challenging to design one which can be easily repaired and fly well again after a crash. Here at Oxy, were are not only engineers and designers – we are pilots, and have a clear vision what both 3D pilots and sport pilots require in a helicopter!

The Oxy Helicopter Division

Using the feedback gained from the upgrade market, our unique consolidated design and manufacturing practices, access to the best materials, a huge team of enthusiast supporters and test pilots from all over the world, as well as a powerful distributor network, Lynx Heli has decided to meet market demand for high performance helicopters by forming Oxy Helicopters. We will foster open collaboration with dealers and customers in the community to have the best designs possible.

Our Philosophy: Top Performance and Quality First!

There is a market emerging for high performance helicopters in the 180 to 350mm blade size. Customers don’t want a whole package – they want to pick preferred components like FBL system, blades, motors, servos, ESC, etc. Oxy Helicopters will have top-class, explosive performance, fitting for the best 3D pilots in the world. They will also appeal to sport pilots looking for a high quality, versatile product which is simple to build, maintain and set-up, with clean lines and is crash tolerant.

The Oxy Helicopter project is the synthesis of years of ideas. We keep our helicopters simple, robust, light, and of a distinctive style

The Lynx Experience and Oxy: A Perfect Marriage

Lynx has given us five years to analyze current products, and develop solutions to really improve existing model performance, often eliminating limitations due to OEM design choices. Lynx Heli have noted a long series of recurring weaknesses typical to small helicopters. When pushed hard, they require high rotor rpm to give good tail authority, which leads to increased vibration levels, especially in the tail. Often the increased vibration limits final performance of the helicopter. To try and achieve top performance critical components end up oversized, and the helicopter ends up heavy and not optimized for performance.

At Oxy, there will be no compromises. We will face head on the challenge to produce a helicopter with low parts count, intrinsically robust, capable of high rotor speed out-of-the-box, and avoid vibration by accurate design, precise tolerances and high-quality materials and components.

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